Why You Should Never Buy Professional Salon Products at the Drugstore!

professional salon products

Have you ever gotten excited when you are shopping and notice that your favorite shampoo and conditioner that you buy at the salon are sitting on a shelf in your local drugstore for half the price? Think you are saving money when you buy that salon hair product when you see it in discount retail stores, grocery stores, drugstores, or online? Think again!

Sure the prices might be lower, but that’s precisely one of the reasons to stop and ask yourself “why is this product so much less expensive than it is at the salon?” “How did this professional salon brand that says it is “For Sale in professional salons only” end up on the shelf in my local drugstore?” Maybe you assume that the company decided to sell their excess products to these stores, or they have decided to expand their line and sell to big-box retail stores. Well, you would be wrong. That “salon product” actually has no business being sold anywhere except for a salon.

Salon products are not authorized to be sold anywhere except for salons. When you see these salon brands sold in other places, this is what is referred to as “diverted product.” Diverted products are obtained dishonestly by unauthorized distributors, wholesalers who have gone out of business, or by way of theft. Diverted products can also be counterfeit, produced on the “black market,” so to speak, and packaged to look just like the real thing.

Many professional salon brands such as Redken, states on all its advertising, “Genuine Products Guaranteed Only in Salons.” This means if you purchase Redken products in a supermarket, drugstore or any other outlet other than an authorized salon, they are not guaranteed to be authentic. Some of the biggest names in professional salon haircare have found their diverted products on the shelves at Target, Wal-Mart, and even many online shops like Amazon.com and Jet.com. Some of the products found in the possession of unauthorized retailers were also found to harbor bacteria, while others contained cheap lotions and creams trying to pass for the salon brand products. These contaminated or counterfeit products could potentially cause harm to the consumer due to irritation or even infection.

So what can you do to avoid diverted products and the issues that may arise from their use? Know how to spot diverted products at retail stores by looking at labels and keeping an eye out for the phrase, “For sale in professional salons only,” or “Guaranteed only when purchased in a salon.” These statements typically convey that the product has been diverted.
Check products for expiration dates, especially on products that have high concentrations of natural ingredients. If you see these products in stores where they should not be sold, you should also contact the company who owns or manufactures the brand and notify them of the location of these diverted products.

The only way to be 100% sure that you are purchasing an authentic and fully effective professional salon product is by buying it straight from your local salon.

If you have made the investment in your hair to have it cut, colored, and styled by a professional then make sure you are protecting that investment with high-quality salon products too.

Sure, salon products can sometimes cost a little more, but are your hair and health worth the risk of saving a few dollars?

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10% Off 1st Time Extension Clients

hair extensions

Ashley Grey Salon is offering all first time extension clients 10% off their 1st application service!  You can choose from our certified real human hair extension types: She by Socap keratin bond and/or tape hair extensions or NXS hair you can mix and match any one of these hair extension types, believe me, I have done all of them and love all of them.  I have been wearing an array of different hair extension types and brands for almost 12 years now and these by far are my favorite and the safest for you hair. Maintenance for each type is different and colors will be discussed at your free consultation.

Call the salon to set up your free consultation today!


How to Get a High Ponytail with Short Hair

Spring is in the air and the latest hair trends for hair are also here at Ashley Grey Salon.  One of the most coveted spring and summer time hair styles is the high ponytail.  Yes, we all love the look of the long, cascading and casual but oh so chic updo; but what if our hair is not quite long enough to give us the cascading look we want?

Well, worry no more!!  Thanks to She by Socap Hair extensions, we offer a clip in 100% real human hair ponytail clip in.  We even offer bang and fringe clip ins for those desiring the bang look without having to cut their own hair.

All you have to do is flip your hair upside down and smoothly brush your hair to the highest point that you want and secure a no breakage hair band/tie into a pony.  It does not matter how short your natural hair is the pony.  All you need is a little of your natural hair to let hang.  Next, split your natural ponytail in half and secure with bobby pins on each half above the hair tie.  Then, you will secure the clip in right in the middle of the split hair.  After securing the clip in you will take the split halves down from the bobby pins and either tease or fluff up around the clip in or form a braid or circular shape around the clip in.  If you want some added effects, include the clip in bang or fringe from She by Socap.  Enjoy having that sexy cool high ponytail girls!

Contact Ashley Grey Salon and ask for Ashley to have your free consultation.

What to do with your wavy, frizzy hair when its rainy out

Most people freak out when its humid and rainy outside because their hair just puffs up and gets frizzy.  Dont let this happen to you.  Be proud of your hair being wavy  and encourage it to be what God wants it to be.  Your wavy, frizzy hair is like a diamond in the rough.  All you need to do is know the correct products to use in the correct order.  Curly or wavy hair does the best when the least amount of touch or friction is put on it.  First use the correct shampoo and conditioner such as Moroccan Oil Hair Moisture Remedy Shampoo and Conditioner.  Moisture is key to a smooth, frizz free curl.  Moroccan Oil is amazing because it is light weight but also very conditioning.  When your done shampooing and conditioning, and you’ve rinsed leave a little conditioner in your hair.  When your ready to dry off, do not squeeze out most of the water remaining in your hair.  Next, scrunch a curl cream such as Catwalk Curl Amplifier( my favorite) into your hair starting from the bottom and using a second application to the midshaft to the roots.  You can now twist the hair up into a towel leaving most of the water in the hair still and let it set in the towel.  Twist it tight.  Continue with your normal beauty routine, skin care, makeup or even chores around the house.  After your hair is about 30-50% dry in the towel, take the towel off and let air dry for an additional 10 mins.  I would then advise to spray a volumizing mouse such as Catwalk Root Boost and spray all in the root area and a little on the midshaft to ends.  Not too much so you dont make the hair too crunchy and hard.  You only want enough to give the hair a little texture, hold and volume.  You can then start to blow dry on a low heat and low volume setting.  Either use a diffuser or if you don’t have one you can cup the hair starting at the bottom of the hair (ends) and do not let go of the hair until dry.  If the blowdryer gets too hot on your hands move the dryer away from your hand.  The more you keep crunching with your hands while wet or even damp, the more it will disrupt the curl and make it frizzy and the curt will not be a smooth and conformed curl.  When that section is dry and set then take the same hand and cup the hair section from the middle of the hair shaft and so forth.  You will have amazing volume, shine, non frizzy and smooth curly hair that will stay for at least 2-3 days depending on your hair’s density.