Organic Remedy for Treating Dirty Hair

Good morning all of my beauties!

Have you ever had those mornings where either you have just washed your hair, used too much of your favorite product and your hair is weighed down and looks like you haven’t washed it in days, or maybe you really haven’t. ;).  Maybe you have also used that last squirt of  your dry shampoo you’ve been meaning to go to the store and  restock up on….  Well. I have a little trick for you that most should have right in their kitchen cabinets. Use a little cooking flower. It works just as well or even better than re wetting and shampooing again or even baby powers. AND…. ITS TOTALLY ORGANIC!  Pinch some out of the bag, rub it in your hands and disperse wherever hair feels dirty. Just make sure to rub it in good just like it was baby powder or dry shampoo, especially for darker hair. Let me know your thoughts !