Hair Extensions FAQ

Q: Do hair extensions damage my own hair?
A:  No. Hair extensions are designed not to damage the natural hair and are perfectly safe as long as they are applied correctly, you take care of them, and receive regular maintenance.

Q: How long does my hair need to be in order to get extensions?
A: For a Partial or Full head of extensions your natural hair needs to be at least   4-5in. from every square inch of the head.

Q: How long do they last?
A: It depends on the type of hair extensions you will get. Tapes last 6-10 weeks,  bonds/strand-by-strand/fusion: 4-6months, beaded rows: 5-8 weeks, Connections/beaded individual stands: 3-5 months, and tresses: 4-7 weeks

Q: Does removal damage my hair?
A: Not if your extension technician is certified and experienced on how to remove your extensions properly.

Q: Can I style my extensions like I would my natural hair?
A: Yes. With proper application, you can wear them in a high ponytail, curl them, straighten them or wear them in a half up do without any tension.

Q: Can I swim in the pool and ocean?
A: Yes, However, do not braid or wear your hair in a knot or bun on your head while swimming or in the shower and get them wet. This will ensure that your extensions will knot up and not be able to get untangled. Wear your hair completely down while swimming. Time in the ocean should be limited due to the salt because it will dry it out. 15-minute increments in salt water is the max and should be immediately rinsed out under a fresh water source after. Swimming in chlorine no longer than 30 min. increments while submerged and rinsed out with fresh water immediately after.

Q: How much are extensions?
A: Prices vary between methods and hair types due to how much hair will be needed for each look.  The hair itself can in some cases cost up to $1000 for Virgin Indian hair.  Synthetic is the cheapest ranging anywhere from $200-$500 for a full head but can take little heat and doesn’t last as long. Remy Human Hair is the most popular and sits right under virgin hair. They can cost anywhere between $250-$800 for a partial or full head.

Q: Do I need to color my own hair before I add extensions?
A: No! It is not necessary to have to color your own hair before adding extensions.  This is one of the most beautiful benefits of hair extensions. You can add highlights and lowlights or a beautiful balayage or ombre look without chemically altering your natural hair.  This also assures that you get that platinum icy cool blonde that you’ve always wanted when your hair maybe didn’t want to get that light with coloring it. Most hair extensions also come in natural rooted colors that melt into any color imaginable so that you can have the color you want and the extensions still be undetectable. The possibilities are endless!

Q: How do I wash my hair extensions?
A: You will want to shampoo your hair extensions in a downward position always. This will assure that you do not matt or tangle them up while they’re wet. This goes for every type of extension.  Make sure to not over shampoo your extensions.  The fact that they are not attached to a natural hair bulb that produces oil it is not necessary to have to wash them as often as your natural hair.  Most of the time it enough just to wash your scalp area and the hair that is left out on the top and hairline is fine. The suds that run down from this will be ample enough to rinse out all build up. It is a good idea to have a separate shampoo for your scalp and hair extensions. For the scalp, you can use a cleansing shampoo or any shampoo that is not a moisturizing shampoo. You do not want to use anything with silicone components (which are the main component in hair conditioners) at the scalp and near the area of attachment as silicones will break down the bonded area of attachment.  you do however want to use a moisturizing shampoo for your extensions below the attachment site.  Conditioners without keratin and protein are more than welcome for your hair extensions. Conditioners with protein and keratin will once in while be good for your hair but used to often will also break the hair. About 7-10 shampoos you can use a keratin or protein conditioner to follow.

Q: What kind of at home care products do I need to keep my extensions healthy?
A: It is important to ask your extension specialist about the right at home care products to use. He or she will know the best options for your type of extensions.  Extension companies have specially formulated shampoos and conditioners and styling products for their company’s hair. These you will need to purchase from your extension specialist because his or hers certified business account with the company is the only way they can be purchased.

Q: What if I have an oily scalp?
A:  Make sure that you tell your stylist this. Some methods may not be for you such as bonds or tapes. Micro beaded wefts or beaded strand-by-strands would more than likely be your best option to prevent slippage. Your stylist will advise you on which type is best for you.

Q: Will my extensions hold their style?
A: Absolutely. Extensions can be curled, scrunched, and straightened.  One of the best things about hair extensions is that they will hold their style for days even when sleeping on them until they are wet.

Q: How long will my hair extensions last?
A: Most hair extensions types and methods will last for a year or more with proper maintenance and care.

Q: Are my hair extensions reusable?
A: Yes! Tapes, Tresses, Micro beads and wefts are all reusable.

Q: Can I get my hair colored while my hair extensions are in?
A: Yes, you can. It’s best to color only the areas that are left out like the top and the hairline. There is really no need to color the areas where the extensions are attached because it will be covered.  If you choose to do so, you can but have your stylist only color the new growth and not hitting the extensions. This can break down the bond in most cases.  Normally your stylist will time your extension maintenance at the same time as your color service, so you can get a fresh head of color if you so choose to.

Q: Can I color my extensions?
A:  Yes, you can, however, it is not advised to lighten them though. This will lessen the life of the extensions, but you can color them with toners and semi-permanent colors. It is also advisable that your stylist performs any coloring to your extensions.

Q: Will anyone be able to see my extensions?
A:  No. With experienced technicians, no one should ever be able to see your extensions.  Your extensions specialist has gone through extensive training in not only the safe and correct ways to apply them to your hair, but also take into consideration placement of the extensions for certain hairstyles that you may wear, and natural elements like a windy day or when you go swimming.  The best technicians will also choose a couple of different colors when matching you up at your consultation to place the most undetectable colors at the hot spots like a cowlick, whorl, or where the hair naturally parts and splits at the crown and hairline so that your extensions will never play peekaboo.

Q: How do I sleep with my extensions?
A:  It is recommended for all types and textures of extensions to separate your extensions into pigtails and braid them (Always Dry) to sleep in them.  This will assure that the hair does not tangle and matt during the night from friction and rolling.  It’s also always a good idea to purchase a silk pillow case.  This allows your head to slide without friction like a normal cotton pillow case that can grab the hair and tangle.

Q: Can I get hair extensions if my hair is falling out?
A: Yes. However. you should first speak with your doctor first to figure out why this is happening.  If your doctor gives you the ok to get extensions then speak with your extensions specialist about the best options and lightest weight extensions for your case.  In most cases, your extension specialist is not going to advise any type of extra weight to the hair until it has stopped falling out for at least 2 months.

Q: How do I choose my extensions salon or stylist?
A: Make sure the salon or stylist is a licensed and certified in each type of extension that they go over with you in your consultation.Make sure that the individual stylist’s certification is in plain sight and his or her name is on it if they are the one that’s going to perform the application and removal. Ask to see their work.  They should have performed many heads of each method of extensions before you let them touch your head.  You do not want to be an experiment or guinea pig. Make sure the technician is going to be performing all of your services be it color, cut application, removal in the future and cutting of the extensions. Make sure you choose a technician that has actually worn the type of extensions your requesting themselves. Specialists that wear them themselves make it a personal endeavor and understand the pros and cons to each one for each person’s natural hair type.  They are better able to understand the importance of the correct application and removal because they have been through it themselves.