Hair Extension Brands

Aqua Hair Extensions has been in business since 2008 and is a privately owned professional hair extension company.  We are a committed partner to the hair and beauty industry and are dedicated to delivering the highest quality 100% Human Remy hair extensions and hair care products for extensions.  We value our company’s qualities in our salon and stylist partner’s fullest certification and education in our hair extension systems and hair care, along with providing the best of customer service.

Aqua hair is treated for 12 hours in a nutrient rich solution which protects the hair’s cuticle during processing for any lifting in color if needed. We use a 21-day lifting process, which is much slower than traditional methods, thereby preserving the integrity of the hair’s cuticle.

Ron Cardillo, Sr., president of SOCAPUSA Hair Extensions, has been immersed in the professional beauty industry his entire life.  He began his early career as a hairstylist, creating fashion-forward haircuts, hair color, and texturizing services. He later became a licensed trichologist, where he was able to diagnose and refer patients with hair and scalp problems to the appropriate medical doctors. Additionally, Cardillo worked as a medical professional for 27 years as an EMT with Scarsdale Ambulance Core and also assisted with surgical hair transplants.

Twenty-three years ago, Cardillo saw an early form of hair extensions being applied with a glue gun at an international beauty show in New York City.  He took this concept to Italy, where he began pioneering the art of professional salon hair extensions with SO.CAP, then a leading manufacturer of wigs and toupees. The innovative idea of bonding real human hair to natural hair to add new volume, length and hair color was revolutionary.

SO.CAP Hair Extensions originated in Naples, Italy and it quickly became the leading European hair extension company for salons.  Ultimately, SO.CAP split into three separate companies, each to be owned and operated by one of the founder’s sons. Each company retained the SO.CAP moniker, yet they went in totally separate directions. Antonio DiBiase took over as the president and CEO of SO.CAP S.R.L., which is the parent company of SHE USA Hair Extensions by SO.CAP.

Perfectress uses Remy cuticle hair and sourced the healthiest, freshly cut Raw Remy Cuticle Hair. Perfectress uses a unique blend known as a “Euro-Blend.” The hair is comprised of a seamless combination involving Indian, Chinese and European hair. Our hair is infused with a Perma Moisture Treatment. This form of protein is injected directly inside the hair cortex, which prevents the hair from drying out. No chemical treatments are used during the fabrication of hair textures. Perfectress hair is extremely durable, and the colors are impervious to fading. In fact, the hair can be worn up to a year with proper maintenance.

Perfectress offers four different types of extensions: strand by strand, tape weft, link weft, and multi-weft and they each come in an array of colors and textures that will give you the most natural look possible. The result is beautiful, thicker, longer looking hair that looks and feels just like your own. No one will even know it’s not your real hair! Perfectress also has uncolored virgin hair that can be colored to your specifications. If you want a bold and daring look Perfectress’ Paramahair P70 line comes in an assortment of rainbow colors.

Made from 100% cuticle intact Remy human hair, Easihair Pro extensions are chemical-free and provide color or highlights that won’t damage your natural hair. Easihair Pro extensions provide volume and color and even offer a solution for bangs and layered hair. Easihair Pro offers assorted textures of hair to seamlessly match your hair’s texture. From curly to wavy, or straight, these extensions look and feel natural.

Easihair Pro offers Tape In and Clip in extensions as well as hair pieces. There are over 30 natural colors ranging from our vibrant, glowing blonds to our exquisite deep browns, brilliant reds to deep black. Easihair Pro also offers fun and vibrant colors in their Tape In line.


Made from 100% Remy human hair, HairTalk tape-in extensions are gentle on your hair and does not cause breakage. These extensions are virtually invisible in the upper head area and have been developed specifically for the hairline. Available in a range of natural colors as well as eye-catching color accents perfect for fashion effects and special occasions. This invisible solution is great for those suffering from hair loss and those who want to add length and volume.


NXS is a very innovative and patented hair extension company made of 100% Remy human hair. It only takes 1 hour to install and there is NO HEAT, GLUE OR ADHESIVE, and is connected to the natural hair with small beads made of metal on the outside and a silicone layer on the inside so there is no slippage while wearing! It’s a very thick looking mane made up of just two tresses that make a full head look. You also get a full 5-7 weeks before you need any maintenance!