To ensure the best appointment time, pre-booking is highly advised a good 1-2 weeks beforehand. Walk-ins are welcome and will be taken as time permits. If running late please contact salon. If 15 or more mins late your appointment may be taken and will require a card on file to make next appointment and a $25 fee will be taken at the time of your next apt.


If you’re not going to be able to make your appointment you must notify us within 48 hours. A courtesy call is given 48 hours before your scheduled appointment, please be respectful of the appointment time you made to fill up the schedule for that day.

Extension Fee:

50% deposit will be made at the time of your free consultation. The other 50% will be taken at the time of service.


Pricing has been set based upon the type of services you receive, the length and thickness of hair, the length of service, products, and the amount of color required. Prices are subject to change. Typically this will be discussed during your consultation.  If you have changed your mind and want more than what was discussed at the time of consulting the price will more than likely go up due to more time, technique and product.


We accept cash, Mastercard, Visa, and debit cards and checks are accepted. We do not accept PayPal or American Express.

Service Guarantee: 

If not happy with your results, you have 7 days to come back and alter your look. {This does not apply to completely changing your look that you wanted at time of consultation}. Absolutely no refunds; as you agreed to at the time of consultation.